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About Unique Magic Entertainment

Make Your Next Event Amazing & Interactive...With a unique show of magic and psychological mind reading effects your guests will talk about.

Since 2002 we have been providing high quality interactive magic entertainment for corporate and private events. The performances are guaranteed to amazes and involve your clients and guests.

Close up, Mix & Mingle, Roving, Strolling Magic: Stefan moves around the room astounding your guests in small groups with sleight of hand magic and mind reading. His performance helps to break the ice between guests, who may not know each other, by creating a relaxed atmosphere. This performance style is perfect for pre-dinner drinks and cocktail receptions.

Close Up & Personal: This combination of comedy magic and mind reading, is the perfect way to engage and reward a small group of guests. Audience members sit casually around Stefan as he performs for them an astounding and hilarious show created just for them. The only production requirements are a table and chairs. Suitable for an audience up to 60 guests and great for private events like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries. No preparation or technical set up necessary

Stage Show: An after dinner show that includes non-stop baffling demonstrations of magic with a lot of audience interaction. The magic show is 100% clean, fast-paced and most of all it’s fun! This one often results in a standing ovation for one of your guests! Show ranges from 20 to 45 minutes and suitable for an audience up to 250 people.

Setup Requirements

  • The purchaser shall supply, at the purchaser’s expense, the following: Stage/Platform 1. For audiences over 80 people, a raised platform at least 140 cm wide and 120 cm deep in size, about 40 cm above the ground with easy access to and from the audience. This area must be clear of lecterns, tables, and other visual obstructions.

  • 2. STAIRS: Easy and direct access from the stage into the audience is necessary. If the stage is over 12 inches high, provide stairs that lead directly into the audience from the FRONT of the stage

  • 3. Set the room so that there is no dance floor between the stage and nearest tables. • Option 1 - Have the dance floor located at a different part of the room • Option 2 - If the dance floor cannot be relocated have the waiters move chairs to the dance floor prior to the performance and ask people from the back to come to the front

  • 4. Front row/tables as close to the stage as practical (max 5 feet/1.5meters of the front of the platform.)

  • 5. If the room is rectangular, the stage should go at the center of one long wall, instead of at one end of the room.

  • Sound: 1. A sound system capable of mixing voice and music 2. Stefan needs a wireless headset for his performance 3. A hand held microphone (preferably wireless) on a microphone stand for audience members. 4. One extra fully working channel in the mixing board with either XLR or 1/4 inch input for a iPod with operator for music cues. 5. Sound technician for sound check and music cues during the performance. (please refer to Technical Sheet)

  • Lighting 1. A wash of white light covering the stage is desirable 2. Most action will take place in center stage; spotlights should be focused center 3. The house lights should be at about half, with full lighting on the stage. If this is not possible, then the room should be fully lit. 4. Optional: Follow spot with operator

  • Access: A minimum of sixty (60) minutes for setup and sound checks prior to the audience arrival in venue. Video: For events with more than 200 people or for events with odd shaped venues, live video coverage with projectors is highly recommended. Please use provided JPEG as background Prior to show

  • Show Requirements: 1. Please provided 3 bottles of water (at room temperature) 2. Please have the technicians and space available before the event starts 3. Holding room/space near the performance area with chair

  • Collateral Use: The show cannot be videotaped or filmed without getting advance permission form the artist. Please provide the artist with a copy of all advertisement, press, posters, marketing and reviews of the event and the performance.

  • Important Notes for dinner events: To provide the client with an interactive show it is highly recommended that the performance does not take place during dinner, while people are eating. Western style dinner: The show should begin after dessert when service has concluded. The bar can remain open for self-service. Chinese style dinner: The show should begin after the dishes and main course (rice and noodles) and when the fruit has been served. The service can stop at this time.


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