Big Ben the Funnyman

Award winning international entertainer



I believe that entertainers at a children’s birthday party can put on a proper, high quality show such as one you might see at a theatre.

Highly practised, properly rehearsed, perfected over years of live performance, with quality music and fantastic props, including (even in a small function room) some spectacular tricks such as climbing inside a giant balloon, bubbles that children can go inside and 6 foot high unicycles.

I have been a full time children’s entertainer for over 20 years.
I have performed in festivals around the world. I have been flown to Brunei on a number of occasions to perform birthday party shows for the Sultan and his princes.

Please note:

"Mr.Ben is on my list of favourites."
Lee Yew Hin. Straits Times

"He charmed the audience.. and then thrilled them."
Eunice Quek. Straits Times.

“rib-tickling performances by Ben Matthews”
Today Newspaper. Serene Foo

“hilarious facial expressions”
the Flying Inkpot (Singapore’s online theatre review) Daniel Teo

“Ben Matthews … drew the most laughs”
Straits Times.

“He makes strangers laugh…The kids roared with laughter”
New Paper

“Hilarious… fantastic one liners… Ben Matthews was the scene stealer.”


  • Karen A
  • Fri Dec 23 08:00:00 2016

We used Ben for our combined 5th and 3rd birthday party, originally planned on the beach in Shek O. Unfortunately, we had amber rain and had to move the party to our small house. Ben was super to work with, very flexible, able to keep around 40 (!) kids entertained and focused, able to adjust his planned programme to accommodate latecomers. He is very engaging for kids, especially 4-5 year olds, our main group. He also impressed all the parents by riding his unicycle while juggling in our very small space!

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  • If you need my Giant Balloon Act, I need an electrical socket near the stage area