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Music, dance and drama themed birthday parties for children


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About Baumhaus

We believe that by nurturing children’s artistic sensibilities, we instill in them an awareness of themselves and others, while encouraging creativity and individuality.
We see the positive impact the creative arts have on children: building confidence, encouraging collaboration with the community and planting the seed for a lifelong love of the arts.

Through our music and drama programs, Kindermusik and DramaLab, we encourage independence and creative expression.

Kindermusik (1-6 years old):
Kindermusik is the world’s most trusted early childhood music and movement program. Using music to promote holistic development across language, literacy, math, cognition, socio-emotional and physical skills, it is grounded in a play-based environment and nurtures the bond between parent and child.

Through the foundation of music, Kindermusik activities gently teach real-life skills. Kindermusik programs are geared to address developmental milestones, from those of newborn babies to young children, from 0-7 years.

Dramalab (3,5-8 years old):
We believe that the goal of theatre is to bring awareness and change to ourselves and the world.

DramaLab is a holistic creative arts program designed to develop and empower people by supporting their artistic growth. With a focus on inspiring love and joy for creative expression, it is especially beneficial for young children, who develop a passion for performing arts through storytelling, collaborative and interactive exercises.

Guided by professional performing arts teachers in a supportive and positive environment, DramaLab uses the concepts of play, improvise and perform to build real-life skills such as clear spoken communication, critical thinking, empathy and social awareness.


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