Valentine’s Day 2017: the 7 most romantic DIY Gifts for Him and Her

February 23, 2017 - 5 minutes read

We know you have been racking your brain to find what you should get for Valentine’s Day. This year, we suggest you gift your loved one something you put all your heart in making yourself, with your own hands. Original, right? The possibilities are endless depending on both you and your partner’s preferences.
Our suggestions fit both men and women – now let’s give your creativity a little push to celebrate love!


  1. A Jar of Reasons Why You Love Him or Her

gift DIY valentine's day

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“Your smile”, “Your sense of humor”, “The way you look at me in the morning”… There are thousands of reasons why you chose that person to be your partner. Why not remind them of the little things why they are special to you? We are confident each piece they unfold will make their heart melt. For this gift to last, we suggest your loved one picks one paper in the jar every morning. To make it even easier for you, here is a free printable “365 Reasons why I love you” label for your jar.

2. A Chocolate Cake

gift DIY valentine's day

(photo credit: My Cake Recipes)

What a sweet gesture to bake a cake for your loved one on Valentine’s Day! This can be a challenge for some but if you give it all your heart and follow the recipes, no doubt your cake will be amazing. We are big fans of the Chocolate Turtle Cake: pecans, chocolate chips, dulce de leche, caramel… convinced? My Cake Recipes walks you through each step to make your dream cake come true and blow your sweetheart’s mind. Good luck choosing only one cake!

3. Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

gift DIY valentine's day

(photo credit: AttaGirlSays)

Let your lover know that they’re the bomb with these super-cute heart-shaped Bath Bombs. A warm bath after a long day at work is always a good idea, and these Bath Bombs will definitely upgrade any bathroom into a cozy spa. To make sure your Bath Bombs are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Soap Queen (herself) will walk you through the Dos and Don’ts of Bath Bomb making.

4. Breakfast in Bed

gift DIY valentine's day

(photo credit: DesignIsYay)

Your partner deserves to be spoiled every day with a breakfast in bed but… you are both too busy for that, so let’s try once a year on Valentine’s Day. Take a look at this adorable Pink Heart Garland Breakfast in Bed Kit! That kit and your lover’s favorite breakfast food will make a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift – simple, yet, heart melting.

5. A Paper Airplane Love Note

gift DIY valentine's day

(photo credit: Tried&Twisted)

There was a time when lovers would write to each other for months and even years. Now that the art of letter-writing is rare, show your partner some love by reminding them of what they mean for you in your own words. We suggest the paper plane cut version for it’s playfulness. You can use this beautiful template or make one from scratch!

6. You + Me on a Tree

gift DIY valentine's day

(photo credit: Three Scoops of Love)

You + Me on a tree, just like teenage lovers feeling chills as they hold hands… We admit this one is a bit challenging in places like Singapore and HK and we don’t advise damaging live trees. A tree symbolizes life, strength, beauty, eternity… engrave your initials on it and gift it as a tribute to your love. Look at how Three Scoops of Love customized the tree. This makes an adorable piece of decoration for your bedroom.

7. A Love-Carrying Flower Pot

gift DIY valentine's day

(photo credit: Craftpond)

He or she loves metaphors? Gift a plant to your special one to embody your growing love. You can buy a flower and decorate the pot with your favorite quote, a memory of the two of you, song lyrics… or offer a DIY kit with a small flower pot, soil, and seeds. And don’t forget to water/ nurture that plant.
Pots are actually an amazing material for crafting. Take a look at these 60 creative DIY planters!

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