Throwing a party in Hong Kong: 5 stunning body painting and face painting ideas

March 6, 2017 - 3 minutes read

At Hirely, we’re often asked: “What’s the craziest request or pro you’ve worked with?” While answers come in all shapes and forms, here are very unique body and face painting designs that have blown our minds and made events truly memorable.

Getting an artist to use your guests as canvas is a nice way to make sure everyone is in the theme. Group pictures will look great and everybody will clearly remember that day

We selected 5 of the most creative ideas we’ve seen so far in Hong Kong, and yes the artists are all available on Hirely. What will you be for your next event?

1. You could be a (social) butterfly

Butterfly dee facepaint body painting

Butterfly by Dee Facepaint

While having butterflies in your stomach is fun and cute, turning into one is a lot more work! This stunning body paint was conceptualised and realised by Dee Facepaint. But no need to get your full body painted: a nice pair of wings will make an impression on anyone, really.

Find out more about Dee Facepaint 

2. You could be a Picasso artwork

picasso body painting face painting hong kong

Ever heard of the mantra “my body is my canvas”? See it come to life with this clever Picasso interpretation. Face Slap’s team can turn any face into a piece of art. Get ready to strike a pose, although this time, you do have a best angle.

Find out more about Face Slap work on Face Slap

3. You could be the flower of the flock

hirely bodypainting face slap

Roses are red, violets are blue, flowers are pretty and the bouquet could be… you! You can’t go wrong with this impressive body painting, also realised by Faceslap, probably the most litteral way to look.. as fresh as a daisy.

4. You could be a live cartoon (literally!)

Dee Extreme Body Paint HK

Some artists bring the concept of living art to a whole new level, with these living art pieces. This extreme body paint will get you noticed – you may also get a few stares ( Dee Facepaint )

Discover more amazing face and body artists from Hong Kong & Singapore on Hirely here:

5. You could get dressed… without putting pants on

bodypainting hirely hong kong

And last but not least, why not be lazy and go to the party without wearing clothes (nearly)? Mopsamsterdam made it possible, with this incredible pants painting.

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