Kids party ideas: 4 creative themes that everybody will love

January 23, 2017 - 5 minutes read

For a birthday, as a reward for a school or sports achievement or just for fun, there will always be a good reason to celebrate with your children. Here are a few out of the box ideas to inspire you to plan a party your children and their friends will remember. All these suggestions require little investment, time & money wise, but are very fun to organize and attend!

Olympic Party

The Olympics are always an amazing event that brings the whole world together. Our hearts beat fast, our eyes blur and our patriotism is strengthened. Why not bring that excitement into a children party?
Start off the party with each child making their own Olympic torch using white Bristol board and cellophane as shown here. Then the team is ready to sing the national anthem (or their favorite song) and parade to launch the games!
The games should consist on a series of challenges: long jump competition, limbo, tied-feet race, silly sack race
At the end of the day, have a ceremony where each child gets a (home made) ginger bread gold medal for their outstanding performance! We love this ginger bread medal recipe by Annie’s Nannies, give it a try!

Kids party ideas

(photo & idea credit: Today’s Parent)

Pool Party 

This one is a winner and works for all ages so it’s perfect to pick as a theme for siblings from different ages! Pool parties are quite easy to love, even so since you can plan a memorable one very easily, the basics are the pool and ice cream!
There are many easy pool activities such as water-polo, races, jumping competition… but if you want to upgrade this part, have look at Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids where you can find fun pool activities using very little equipment – checkout our favorites: Soaked Shirt Relay and Marco Polo!
For decorations, we love this beachball garland! Here is a detailed tutorial by StudioDIY to get your DIY beachball garland using smooth foam balls – you could also just purchase mini beachballs and stick them on a thick string and tada!

Kids party ideas

(photo credit: Turton)

Mud Run Party

If your little ones are feeling wild and competitive, we suggest you organize a mud run party. We know children enjoy being able to run in the woods and have mud all over themselves – why not, as long as they are not wearing their pretty clothes!
Activities would consist on building an obstacle course where they could jump on a tire, try to get through a rope maze, find candies in bales of hay and why not organize a treasure hunt.
For inspiration on how to build an obstacle course, we like how Learn Play Imagine suggests to use Pool Noodles to kick balls or jump / slide under them safely. Meaningful Mama’s water obstacle course seems like a lot of fun as well!
All in all, one or many adults should always be watching the children as they could easily fall while doing this kind of activities.

Kids party ideas

(photo & idea credit: Ashley Ann Photography)

Emoji Party 

Did you know that emojis are about to become the first language that can be understood by each and everyone on the planet? If you’re interested in learning more about Emojis as a language, here is a BBC article worth reading!

Now back to party planning!
Emojis are great because they can be used to express words or emotions, and that gives us cool ideas for an Emoji party activity:

  • First, let the children make Emojis using yellow paper plates, construction paper, markers and large Popsicle sticks – the result should look like this.
  • Then divide the children into two teams. Each team comes up with a sentence, the children get in line in the right order to express this sentence using the Emojis they made.
  • Then the opponent team should guess what the Emojis mean. Got it? Here is an example:

    = I love this Emoji party!

For food, you could make these funny Emoji cookies using Oreos, gel icing and taffy candy by Today’s Parent. You could also draw Emoji faces on yellow Babybels and offer them as snacks!
We don’t really know what to think about the poop cupcakes though…

Kids party ideas

(photo credit: Kara’s Party Ideas)

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