Hong Kong Wedding Photography: the most romantic photo spots

July 18, 2016 - 6 minutes read

Hong Kong is blessed with magnificent scenery, fascinating cultural artefacts, majestic harbour views and a whole range of parks that are perfect shoot locations for engagement / wedding photos. So, today we’ve rounded up a handful of nature & urban locations that you can consider for your photo session. Nature

Citylife and cityscapes – Hong Kong is the ultimate urban destination. But contrast is never far away. Nor are the outlying islands, quaint villages, sandy beaches and undulating mountain paths. Nature is woven through every part of neon-lit metropolis of frantic lives, offering ample opportunities for spectacular photographs.

Country Parks

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 13.37.10

(Photo: Isa Photography & Location: Sai Kung)


(Photo: Sophia Kwan & Location: Tai Mo Shan)


(Photo: History Studio & Location: North District Park)


(Photo: History Studio & Location: Wa Shan)

The scenic countryside and marine areas makes Hong Kong the fascinating region it is. The natural beauty of the flora along Hong Kong Country Parks (Lion Rock Country Park, High Island Reservoir in Sai Kung East Country Park ,Tai Tam Country Park, Clear Water Bay Country Park) and many other outdoor locations are the perfect complement to newly-engaged bliss rere snapping humble moments of happiness.

Beach / Ocean View


(Photo: Justin Lim Photography & Location: on Ferry)


(Photo: MaryAnn Art Photography & Location: Sai Wan Pier)


(Photo: History Studio & Location: Stanley)

Hong Kong has a wealth of beaches, waterfront attractions for you to enjoy. These spots may not be the most orthodox shooting locations. But with a picturesque waterfront location, a view of the iconic Hong Kong skyline, and an absolutely good-looking couple, this screams perfection!


Rushing traffic and graffiti probably wouldn’t be the first thing you think of when planning your wedding / pre-wedding photoshoots, until you see the real beauty in a bustling metropolis.The small details, the old shops, the restaurants, the urban gardens reflect the true charm of Hong Kong and provides one of the best backdrops that will create outstanding and timeless images, leaving you with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Take advantage of the wonderful city we live in!



(Photo: Henry F Photography & Location : Central Wet Market)

Hong Kong Wedding

(Photo: Isa Photography & Location: Sheung Wan Neighbourhood)


(Photo: Henry F Photography & Location: Sheung Wan Neighbourhood)

Make the ordinary romantic. Sometimes a place you walk past everyday can be the perfect setting for a photo. Sheung Wan Neighbour, Central Wet Market or Mong Kok Ladies Market as the backdrop can capture spontaneous and candid moments along with the finer details of your day.

Urban Parks


(Photo: McPhotography & Location: Victoria Peak Garden)

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.23.13

(Photo: Isa Photography & Location: Kowloon Park)

There’s just something so fitting to see a couple in love surrounded by the beauty of nature….simple, pure and beautiful. Many urban parks in Hong Kong are like an oasis of green within the urban jungle and make great vantage points for nuptial snaps.

Victoria Harbour / Skyline


(Photo: McPhotography & Location: West Kowloon Cultural District)

hong kong wedding photography

(Photo: McPhotography & Location: Hong Kong Park)

hong kong wedding photography

(Photo: Isa Photography & Location: Victoria Harbour)

No list would be complete without Victoria Harbour. You can visit the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui, Admiralty Park or West Kowloon Cultural District, whist you can see the stunning skyline on the other side of the harbour and take the most iconic shots of Hong Kong. Not only the skyline offers specular views of the world’s most awesome urban landscapes but it also makes the couple stand out even more.

University of Hong Kong

hong kong wedding photography

(Photo: United Journal & Location: Main Building @ HKU Main Campus)

hong kong wedding photography

(Photo: McPhotography & Location: Meng Wah Complex @ HKU Main Campus)

This place will bring lots of Hong Kong people some good memories. The baroque-style Main building, beautiful staircases and red brick bring you a sight to behold!


hong kong wedding photography

(Photo: Feel In The Blank & Location: Streets in Macau)

hong kong wedding photography

(Photo: Rock Paper Scissors Photography & Location: Ruins of St.Paul)

hong kong wedding photography

(Photo: Nelwin Uy Photography & Location: Galaxy Macau)

Besides all these breathtaking locations found in Hong Kong, you can also hop onto ferry and go to Macau for delightful nuptial shots. Built with a unique combination of Chinese and Portuguese architecture and culture, Macau makes a perfect location for wedding photos and a fun get away.

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